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Many made up their stories.
For us, all stories are been told.

One day at our farm

Experience with us…


As we love to meet people, we welcome anyone who are interested in our farm. We can show you around our vineyards and olive groves. During the olive harvesting time, you might be able to visit olive mills and tastes new olive oil of the year. 


Tasting olive oil with olive oil sommelier. She will tell you the every steps to taste our olive oil and how to food-pair with it. 

Our Farm

If you are interested in our products or visiting our farm, please feel free to contact us from contact form.

C.da Torre Grande 88
Andria(BT) 76123 Italy

200 West 10th North Street 11

Paris 20010

Phone: +34 (0) 011 0123 012

Fax: +34 (0) 123 0000 123

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