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Cooked Sweet Olives “dolce tonda”

Once upon a time, Thomas Jefferson once quoted this.

The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven.

While I completely agree with his every words, I also have to share this secret recipes to everyone, because when I ate it at the first time, I thought I went to heaven.

I present to you, dolce tonda olives (aka Nolca olives).

In olive world, there are 2 types of olives. One for olive oil as you can guess, and one for tables, as in you use it for Martini or on the top of focaccia bread. Some table olives can do double act; they can be olive oil and table olives.

There are many many table olive varieties. Dolce Tonda is one of many and you can find them around Northen part of Bari in Puglia region. You might be able to find very similar varieties in other regions but name might be different.

The dolce tonda means, “dolce”=sweet, and “tonda”=round. Basically it means rounded sweet olives.

Olive dolce tonda

Many sweet table olives are fried with olive oil and salted. That’s it. However, I much prefer this recipe with cherry tomatoes and onions because it gives more sweetness and moreover, because there is a tomato sauce, it goes very well with Apuglian bread!

Recipe is super easy. Nothing can go wrong! For most of people, the hardest part is getting this table olives. Well, basically you have to come to Puglia to taste it in autumn!



  • 1/4 玉ねぎ (薄く切る)
  • 5 ミニトマト (半分に切る)
  • 1 大さじ オリーブオイル
  • 少々 塩 (味見程度に)
  • 1 掴み オリーブ
  1. まずは玉ねぎを薄く切ります。そのあとフライパンにオリーブオイルを入れて、玉ねぎが黄金色になるまでゆっくりと炒めます。

  2. 半分に切ったミニトマトをフライパンに入れ、ひとつかみ塩も入れて蓋をします。塩を入れることでミニトマトからジュースが出やすくなり、ソースができます。


  3. ソースができたら、オリーブを入れます。蓋はそのままです。

  4. オリーブの皮が向け始めたら、あと1分だけ調理します。

  5. 味見して、オリーブがとろとろになっていたら、暖かいパンと一緒に食べましょう!

  1. You can try with other sweet table olive varieties if you cannot find dolce tondo olives.
  2. If you are worried about bitterness which most of olives have, don’t worry, they are sweet as caramel and no need to do any prep before cooking. 
  3. If you have a red or yellow bell peppers, add it before cherry tomatoes. They add more sweetness into the sauce. 

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