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HomenewsOlive Japan 2020 “Gold award” for our Le Petrulle

Olive Japan 2020 “Gold award” for our Le Petrulle

Our Petrulle has received “gold award” in Japan!

It was a honour to receive such an award as a Japanese. One Japanese girl decided to make an olive oil last year in Italy and it is considered as one of the best olive oils in the world. Really, such an honour.

Apart from my side story, our olive oil “Le Petrulle” has received “Gold Award” in the 2020 edition of Olive Japan which is organised by The Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ)

Fruity, spicy yet elegant. That was our goal. Harmony between bitterness and spicy note with wild artichoke and rocket after-note. There is a hint of white pepper and coffee. We have challenged the lowest temperature which machine can do during the extraction. Our coratina olives grown exclusively in Puglia has won over the jury in Japan.

It was a great satisfaction for us and for our team works in the field, and for all the people who supported us.