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HomenewsWinter cannellini soup

Winter cannellini soup

-240g dried cannellini beans (60g/person)
-1 celery stalk
-2 cherry tomatoes
-2 garlic
-2-3 bay leaves
-Salt and pepper
-Extra virgin olive oil ORIGIN
If you are using dried beans, please soak them in the cold water over night.
In a pressure cooker, add cannellini beans, whole celery stalk, cherry tomatoes cut in half, 2 whole
garlic and bay leaves and close the lid. The soup is ready when the beans are soft and become
little creamy. It takes about 20-30 minutes but if the beans don’t cook in time, please continue
cooking. If you prefer not to use the pressure cooker, it takes 1 hour to 1.5 hour.
When they are cook, add salt and pepper to taste. Add olive oil before serving.
*You can use chickpeas, soy beans, lima bean etc. If you are using rentils, you don’t need to soak
overnight and no need to cook with a pressure cooker. Recipe is same!