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Adapt the pace of the nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~


Our life became so busy.

Work, home, family and your time and back to the beginning. But do you think you have time to spend time in the nature?


Your experience


We can start our morning with a visit to our farm lands. Depends on the season, you can see
different work.

In spring time, you can enjoy olive flowers in full bloom.

In summer, you will see grape harvest.

In autumn to winter, you can experience olive harvest and olive mills.

Once we are back home, we can start cooking for lunch. Don’t worry, all the dishes are simple yet
delicious because we will get vegetables from our vege gardens and eggs from our hen house.
Everything is organically grown.

You will also enjoy our home-made marmalade and dried tomatoes, and depends on the season,
we have own fruits and local cheese.

We all have a lunch together with a bit of wine, share our trips and experiences.