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Organic Vineyards and Olive groves


Our Prize

Olive Japan 2020 – Gold Award ”金賞”

Gambero Rosso “Oli d’Italia 2020” – Due Foglie

Premio BIOL “Premio Internazionale Biol” – Extra Gold

JOOP “Japan Olive Oil Prize” -Gold “金賞”

Sweet molten chocolate cake

Ingredients (6 small ramekins, 8cm x8cm x 4cm):– 120g dark chocolate– 40g butter– 2 eggs (medium size)– 40g Sugar– 30g All-purpose flour– Extra virgin olive oil ORIGIN– Orange marmalade(optional)Preheat over to 180°. Butter and lightly flour six ramekins. Tap out the excess flour. Set the […]

Winter cannellini soup

Ingredients:-240g dried cannellini beans (60g/person)-1 celery stalk-2 cherry tomatoes-2 garlic-2-3 bay leaves-Salt and pepper-Extra virgin olive oil ORIGINIf you are using dried beans, please soak them in the cold water over night.In a pressure cooker, add cannellini beans, whole celery stalk, cherry tomatoes cut in […]

Apulian octopus salad

Ingredients:-1kg octopus (cooked or raw)-10 cherry tomatoes-2-3 celery stalks-Parsley-1 Lemon juice-Salt and pepper-Extra virgin olive oil ORIGINYou can use both boiled octopus or raw sashimi octopus.Cut octopus with one-bite size. After that, cut cherry tomatoes in half, and cut celery in smallcube.When it’s done, put […]

Olive Japan 2020 “Gold award” for our Le Petrulle

Our Petrulle has received “gold award” in Japan! It was a honour to receive such an award as a Japanese. One Japanese girl decided to make an olive oil last year in Italy and it is considered as one of the best olive oils in […]

Cooked Sweet Olives “dolce tonda”

Once upon a time, Thomas Jefferson once quoted this. The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven. While I completely agree with his every words, I also have to share this secret recipes to everyone, because when I ate it at the first […]

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