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 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Torre Grande “Le Petrulle” Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has very elegant medium fruity taste. It’s simply the perfect olive oil to enjoy Coratina variety.

It has a vibrant clear emerald colour to attract your eyes. Flavour is sensitive yet you can enjoy wild chicory and freshly cut grass. There is a hint of coffee and cinnamon-like spiciness.

On the palate, you can taste Apuglian wild plants but it’s not overpowering and it enhance flavours on your dishes. For the after-note, bitterness and spiciness comes back and forth with a rhythmical harmony.



Food pairing:

You can enjoy very wide range of cuisines. From vegetable soup to beef steak, or Japanese dishes such as miso soup and raw tuna sashimi is perfect match.

Coratina has a slightly spicy aftertaste so it also goes very well with chocolate dessert and gelato just like chocolate and chilli.



  • Olive Japan – “Gold”
  • Premio BIOL -“Extra Gold”
  • Gambero Rosso-  “Due Foglie”

Harvesting to Olive oil 

We take a great care of the soil and olive trees with the best possible natural ways. Before speaking about the quality of olive oil, the most important thing is the soil. Without it, high quality olive oil cannot be made. 

Usually we start harvesting at the end of October, but it’s all depends on the ripeness of olives which changes every year. We select only green olives with the right ripeness so that we can obtain the flavour and taste we like in olive oil.


To make the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, we literally select trees and olives one by one and harvest with hand-picking and hand-held machinery so we the fruits don’t get damaged.


We start harvesting at the dawn and within a maximum of 7 hours, we harvest, then extract olive oil and filter it. The speed is one of the most important key factors in olive oil making. 

For the extraction, we use Mori-TEM and we process it with no oxygen to avoid oxidation. For the cold press, we tried with the maximum low temperature (12-15 degree) the machine can do. After the extraction, we filtered our olive oil so that we can get rid of unpleasant taste and be able to keep the quality for longer period.