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Welcome to Puglia


Our farm is located in Andria city in Puglia region, just under Fredrick Ⅱ castle, Castel Del Monte.

Puglia always has been famous for agriculture since the beginning of the history, and especially olive oil has been our forte. Majority of olive oil which light up whole England during the Industrial Revolution was from Puglia. Most of famous Venetian soaps are made from Puglian olive oil too.

We have been famous for its quantity but the quality of Puglian olive oil has been re-evaluated recently.

Especially Andria has became the most important city of extra virgin olive oil in Italy and in the world.


In Andria, Coratina variety has been cultivated traditionally. It has been considered that one of the lowest quality olive oil before. The reason was its spiciness. This spiciness isn’t related to chilli. Spiciness of polyphenol.

Polyphenol has very distinguish spiciness. It’s called “Oleocantale”. It’s so spicy so that people thought this olive oil has a defect. Therefore, for a long time, Coratina olive oil was recommended to be blended by sweet olive oil and has been sold to northern Italy where there are only sweeter olive varieties.

After many years of study, finally we understood that Coratina’s polyphenol is something good for our health. It actually works against cancer, to lower cholesterol, helps patients with Alzheimer’s disease, and it rejuvenate your body from inside.

Coratina finally got a spot light because it has more than double quantity of polyphenol compare to any other 600 olive varieties in the world.

We are working to re-evaluate its image. It’s not just an olive oil; it’s almost like a medicine.

Our Olives (90hector)

Coratina for Olive oil 70Hector
Bella Di Cerignola/Bella Di Spagna 8Hector
Sant Agostino 8Hector
Termite di Bitetto 3Hector
Dolci Tonde & Dolci Lunghe ( Pasole/Nolche ) 1Hector

Our grapes (43hector)

Cabernet 11Hector
Uva di Troia 10Hector
Aglianico 7Hector
Chardonnay 6Hector
Primitivo 5Hector
Montepulciano 2Hector
Pinot Bianco 2Hector