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There are many reasons why we are farmer, and we would love to share our believes and goals with you.


Last year, our farm celebrated 200-year since our great-great-grand farther decided to take a first step in agriculture business.

His first farm land was here in Andria city where our farm is located. 

We have a long history beyond imagination. And so does olive oil making and wine making. 

We respect tradition and protect it with all our passion we have, and we will take them over to the next generation. 

However, there is a time when we have to move on.

Innovation brings us more efficient way to work in field, less hard-labour, improve time management and safety and importantly ‘the quality of products’. 

As an organic farm for the last few decades, our focus always has been “Harmony”. Harmony with the tradition, innovation and the nature. Without harmony, the products with the highest quality cannot be achieved.

We are what we eat: Be a transparent

‘We are what we eat’ is our favourite quote and the truth of all the time. 

With the wave of globalization, the gap between the consumer and the farmer became even bigger.

We don’t even know what we are eating every day and who are the producers. 

Our goal is to be transparent to you and eliminate the gap we have created over the years, so you can see clearly what you are eating.

Because we are made of what we eat. And this is our promise. 


Olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven.  ~Thomas Jefferson~