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Le Petrulle 500ml 2020/2021

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Le Petrulle” – 2020/2021

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ” Le Petrulle” 500ml

Well balanced medium fruity Coratina. It has a hint of artichoke, wild chicory and black pepper however very smooth. Best olive oil to try your first Coratina experience.

Hand-picked early harvested in October .
100% Coratina mono-cultivar.
Max 7 hours from the harvest to filtering.
Acidity 0.16%

Notes of olive oil sommelier:

It pairs really well with warm soups to steaks. But my favourite is tofu dishes and gelato with vanilla flavour or “Alla panna”. It changes the whole flavour with a bit of Le Petrulle on the top.

Winning awards and prize:

-Japan Olive -Gold
-BIOL – Extra Gold

Reviews from Le Petrulle fans:

When I opened the bottle of Le Petrulle, it was like as if I were at the olive oil mill and tasting the one just extracted. It was very fresh and it seems like an olive juice more than olive oil. Its pungency is perfect match with bread! (CEO of salad bar in Tokyo)

オーガニックエクストラバージンオリーブオイル ”Le Petrulle” 500ml -2020/2021年度


収穫:10月後半Hand-picked early harvested in October .
品種:100%コラティーナ種(プーリア州アンドリア市の土着品種)100% Coratina mono-cultivar.
時間:収穫からろ過まで最大7時間Max 7 hours from the harvest to filtering.




-Japan Olive -金賞
-BIOL – 特別金賞

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Additional information

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